Land Buyers and Affordable Housing Developers

People – It’s Teamwork


On every successful development scheme, people are key. At Stanley Investments we carefully consider who we work with based on performance, reliability and ethics. Our professional team and partners must share Stanley Investments’ ethos of transparency and professionalism.


Our consultant and technical team comprises of individuals and organisations with the highest levels of specialism and expertise in affordable housing delivery and speculative housing development, with decades of industry experience providing reassurance and excellent problem solving abilities.


Our contracting partners are selected on the basis of sound financial, health & safety and performance fundamentals demonstrated over the long term. Our contractors have a proactive ‘can do’ attitude. Construction programming is realistic, accurate and reliable. Communication is continuous and detailed.


Our land buying capability is based on a select and reliable network of key individuals across the region, with decades of proven land sourcing and development experience.


Whether you are looking to expand your development, programme, buy or sell land, get in touch with us and we will be happy to come and talk with you.